M8.1 earthquake downgraded to M7.8 by USGS hits Fiji

The Republic of Fiji is currently being hit by a series of earthquake with the strongest first measured at M8.1 before being donwgraded by USGS to M7.8.

A strong M7.8 earthquake hit Fiji on September 6, 2018. Earthquake Map via USGS

The very powerful but deep earthquake struck at 3:49pm (UTC) at a depth of more than 608 km (378 miles). Consequently, there is No Tsunami Warning, Advisory, Watch, or Threat released.

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The M7.8 earthquake is part of an earthquake swarm that is currently rattling the Republic of Fiji. earthquake map via USGS

The swarm began at today at 5am with a M5.5 earthquake, reached its maximum at around 4 in the afternoon before finishing around 7pm.

M 5.5 – 281km SE of Lambasa, Fiji
M 4.7 – Fiji region
M 7.8 – 101km ESE of Suva, Fiji; or M8.1 for US tsunami warning
M 5.5 – 194km E of Suva, Fiji
M 4.9 – 197km SE of Lambasa, Fiji
M 4.6 – 63km ENE of Suva, Fiji
M 4.6 – 155km SE of Suva, Fiji

Imagine if this Fiji earthquake had hit at the surface somewhere! A giant tsunami would had been created and many people would had lost their lives! Always be prepared and get ready!

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