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Sailors have long passed stories on detailing interactions with a beast known as “The Kraken”. The monster is said to inhabit the waters off the coast of Noway and Greenland andsome believe it has even attacked vessels passing through. First-hand accounts describe the animal as a monstrous squid, measuring up to 60ft in length. 

Erik Pontoppidan, a Danish-Norweigan historian, revealed in his 1753 book “Versuch einer naturlichen Geschichte Norwegens” numerous first-hand accounts.

He used the sworn testimony of a naval officer Lawrence de Ferry as evidence for the existence of the Kraken. 

Ferry told Pontoppidan that he had shot at the beast while at sea in 1746. 

After being hit, the creature dived into the water and was gone.

In 1802 French zoologist Pierre Denys de Montfort claimed ten British warships, which had mysteriously disappeared one night in 1782, were attacked and sunk by the Kraken.

That was not the last recorded sighting of the creature though, Netflix’s “Top 10 Mysteries and Secrets” series claims

“In around 1750, a young Kraken was found washed up on the coast near the Norwegian town of Alstahaug,” the 2017 documentary detailed.

“In 1855, a creature of 17 metres (55ft) long and weighing three tonnes was seen off theshores of New Zealand. 

“And one story from the 18th century described a fight between a whale and a giant squid at least 20 metres (65ft) long.”

The creature got the nickname “Kraken” from the Norwegian word krake – meaning an unhealthy animal. 

Descriptions of Kraken sightings often detail undersea volcanic activity resulting in bubbles of water or sudden and dangerous currents.

Some have even claimed the mysterious creature is guarding the entrance to the Lost City of Atlantis. 

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