French town of Vittel suffers water shortages as Nestle seems to tap and sell too much of it

It is the source of one of the world’s most popular mineral waters, but the eastern French town of Vittel risks running dry. Nestle seems to have tapped and sold too much of it. This may also occur just around your corner. Next is Michigan, probably!

Is Nestle responsible for water shortages in the town of Vittel?

Nestlé Waters, which owns the Vittel brand, is accused by residents and environmentalists of “overusing” local spring water that supplies the town and its bottling plant to maintain exports. The company denies the allegation.

The underground water level has been falling by 30 centimetres (nearly 12 inches) a year since 1990, according to the French government’s geological bureau. It has gone down by 10 metres in the past four decades.

Why should their business practices affect only people in Ethiopia.

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