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The Devil’s Sea, also known as the Dragon’s Triangle, is a region of water close to the Japanese coast. This area is considered by many to be of paranormal nature after hundreds of ships have disappeared over the years. However, Professor Junichi Yaoi believes there is an even more outrageous explanation to the strange activity. 

The author and expert in paranormal activity claimed there could be a black hole sucking ships below the waters during Amazon Prime’s “The Devil’s Sea” documentary. 

He detailed during the 2003 series: “There are many possible answer for their disappearance. 

“Basically I think some of the tankers sank because of the conditions of the sea during storms. 

“But then they just disappear.

“I think they go to another dimension – I think an entrance opens in that area [of seabed]”.

However, most scientists have been quick to label Professor Yaoil’s theories as science fiction. 

In 1980, the unforgiving waters claimed a huge British ship – The Derbyshire – after it left Quebec, Canada, and headed towards Japan. 

The British vessel was around 230 miles from Okinawa, Japan, when it mysteriously vanished with 150,000 tonnes of iron a full crew. 

It was the largest British ship lost at sea. 

The ship was only four years old and never issued a Mayday distress message during the incident. 

It was not until 14 years later, in June 1994, that the wreck of The Derbyshire was found at a depth of 4km, spread over 1.3km.

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