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Bob Lazar became a conspiracy legend when he sparked a frenzy more than 30 years ago, claiming alien technology was being tested inside Area 51. In 1989, with the help of journalist George Knapp, Mr Lazar detailed a story where he claimed he was stationed at a base known as S-4, south of the USAF’s Homey Airport. He speculated the auxiliary facility in the Nevada Desert was being used by the US Government to reverse engineer technology used by UFOs.

Following the revelation, Mr Lazar went quiet for three decades, until investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell finally convinced him to retell his story.

Together, the pair filmed “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers”, which aimed to prove the claims of Mr Lazar.

During the show, which shot to number one on the iTunes chart in just days, a scene showed Mr Lazar’s business “United Nuclear” allegedly being raided by federal agents.

Many critics claimed the FBI were simply carrying out a standard investigation due to the nature of Mr Lazar’s claims. 

However, Mr Corbell claims that documents shared with suggest that the FBI, alongside assistance from Laingsburg Police Department, were following up on an investigation using a material believed to have been purchased from United Nuclear.

The papers discussed the search for a “poison” explaining why a HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) truck was present.

However, Mr Corbell believes they were actually looking for something known as Element 115, which Mr Lazar is said to have taken from Area 51.

Mr Corbell told “Lazar did have a stabilised version of Element 115 in his possession at one time

“He did tests on it – and filmed the element bending light due to its unique gravitational characteristics. 

“A handful of witnesses observed these tests – including investigative reporter, George Knapp. 

“There is footage of one of these tests in my film. Lazar was able to acquire some of the element when it was being machined at Area 51.”

Mr Corbell continued to “There was a multi-agency Federal raid on Bob Lazar that included pre-operation surveillance teams, there was a forensic investigation and a HAZMAT unit on site. 

“Agents were doing everything from ‘computer mirroring’ to general questioning. 

“They specified to Lazar and his employees that the search was primarily for a receipt from a past client that was being investigated in connection to ‘potentially toxic materials’ in relation to a death. 

“However, the actual events of the day during the raid paint a curious picture.

“We believe that the ‘official’ intent of the raid was a cover-story – and that they were looking for a piece of the fuel source for the extraterrestrial craft Lazar once worked on for the United States Government at Area 51.”

Mr Corbell went on to state that he believed the raid was used as a threat to his friend.

He added: “I suspect the raid was used as a tactic to apply pressure to Lazar because he was about to talk publicly again – regarding his role in a top-secret government UFO back-engineering programme

“This admittedly bizarre raid comes off the heals of the exact moment Lazar was planning to speak out publicly again  after essentially 30 years of silence.

“It’s powerful information, people have been trying to debunk Lazar for 30 years, they have not succeeded. 

“Debunkers can’t explain some of the critical things that Lazar knew  and that we can now prove.”

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