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The UFO – described as a strange, bright, floating light – was spotted in the skies over Deal, a small Kent town in the UK. A video filmed by local Pete Tyas who spotted the glowing orb moving over the small town at 6.30 AM on November 3. Mr Tyas sent his footage to conspiracy theorists The Hidden Underbelly who uploaded his footage to YouTube.

The video description from The Hidden Underbelly reads: “We can see this bright object moving silently through the early morning sky.

“Also it looks like the object has dropped something but it could be a star but there is no doubt about the bigger craft.”

The video was quickly picked up upon by an international audience.

Prominent hunter Scott C Waring believes the craft is being used to monitor the activities and thoughts of humans.

Mr Waring claims the object which was supposedly dropped by the craft is an “AI drone ship” which allows ET to spy on us.

In his popular blog, UFO Sightings Daily, Mr Waring writes: “Glowing lights are once of the types of s often seen during UFO encounters. I myself have seen more than my share.

“This has a shape of a AI drone ship. One that can travel at incredible speed and not have to worry about passengers, however aliens can see, hear, smell, feel the wind and even monitor a humans thoughts and things when using this drone to interact with its surrounds.”

Kent is something of a hotspot for UFO sightings in the UK.

“As I looked across the field I saw a large triangular-shaped flying craft hovering about 300 metres off the ground.”

It had been thought that maybe the lights were caused by flares being shot, but the Ministry of Defence denied the use of any activity in the area during the period.

A spokesperson for the MoD said: “There were no military exercises taking place at the time.”

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