6 rare earthquake hits Nebraska in less than a week

More earthquakes have hit in central Nebraska. The U.S. Geological Survey say that an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1 hit around 4:48 p.m. Monday. With this most recent earthquake, there have now been a total of six earthquakes that hit that area in less than a week! Although earthquakes are not a new thing here in Nebraska, there have only been 46 since 1975.

6 earthquakes have hit central Nebraska since a week and nobody knows what is causing them.

Six earthquakes have shaken Nebraska already this week. That is really a lot knowing that just 46 hit the state since 1975.

The quakes are most likely due to fault lines that run a few miles underneath the ground. But it’s certainly not a fault that officials can map at the surface because if you know anything about this area of Nebraska, you know that there aren’t any rock-out crops and mostly when seismologists map faults they map them in bedrock.

Perhaps what the only thing that’s disconcerting about this is how little we know about the geologic structure underneath Nebraska.

Over the last four decades, earthquakes have happened all over the state, but never anything greater than a 4.3 magnitude. Every time there’s an earthquake, however weak it happens to be, it’s one more data point on the map, and one more small piece of data that helps us understand the geology of Nebraska better.

Yesterday, I have also reported a story about a mysterious swarm of earthquake that hit McAdam in New Brunswick, Canada… A place where there is no fault lines.

What is going on in central Nebraska? Are there hidden faults hidden underground? Is fracking responsible for these quakes? And what about the Canadian quakes?

Information about the 4 first quakes in Nebraska here. Information about the last 2 quakes here.

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