6 meteor showers peak in October 2018 – The Draconids tonight!

6 meteor showers peak in October 2018. Enjoy the sky shows!

6 meteor showers will peak in October 2018. The first one, the Draconids, tonight! Picture by Babak Tafreshi/National Geographic Creative

Draconids: Minor to Major; peaks on Oct. 9/10 best seen during the EVENING not dawn

Tau Cancrids: Minor; peaks on Oct. 17

Epsilon Geminids: Minor; peaks on Oct. 18

Orionids: Major; peaks on Oct. 21

Leo Minorids: Minor; peaks on Oct. 23

Southern Taurids: Minor; peaks between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7

Picture by Babak Tafreshi/National Geographic Creative

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