Violent hailstorm damages more than 700 homes, Meghalaya

Hundreds of homes were damaged in Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya state, India on April 15, 2018 after hailstones the size of cricket balls accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorm hit the region.

Local media reported around 700 houses were damaged in Shangpung alone.

Rain accompanied by small hailstones also affected the Seng Khihlang Lympung at Sabahmuswang, Thadlaskein, forcing people to take shelter.

A severe hailstorm that hit West Jaintia Hills, West Khasi Hills, East Garo Hills and different Blocks of Mawshynrut, Mairang, Laskein, Songsak, Rongjeng and Samanda on March 30 affected 237 villages and a total of 250 households. 

Although structures suffered extensive damage, there were no reports of casualties or injuries.

Massive hailstorm hits Meghalaya villages on March 30, 2018. Credit: Northeast Now

While hailstorms are not unusual in this region, these are just two of many severe weather events to hit India this year:

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Featured image: Massive hailstorm hits Meghalaya villages on March 30, 2018. Credit: Northeast Now

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