Very bright fireball explodes over northern Finland, sonic boom reported

A very bright fireball exploded over Lapland, northern Finland at 16:40 UTC (18:40 EET) on November 16, 2017. The event lasted several seconds and was seen across northern Finland, especially Nellim, Solojärvi and Ivalo, and from northern Norway. This is 5th major fireball event within 48 hours, possibly 7th.

According to local media reports, a sonic boom was associated with today’s event. “There was a loud noise after the lights went out and the houses shook,” fireman Mauri Saniola Inari said, adding that the event was initially described as an aviation accident.

“The sound and light observations came from such a wide area that the location can’t be determined,” Inari said.

Video courtesy Johannes Karhula

The American Meteor Society (AMS) has so far received just 2 witness reports, while International Meteor Organization (IMO) still has no reports.

If you witnessed this event, fill out this form. Your report is important, it alerts international community of scientists to potentially scientifically significant events that occur, and contributes to the general database of knowledge about meteors.

Featured image: Bright fireball over Lapland, Finland on November 16, 2017. Credit: Johannes Karhula

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