Two bright meteors over South America, sonic boom reported

A bright fireball streaked through the night sky over Argentina on October 15, 2018, illuminating both sky and ground. Another meteor was recorded over South America on October 16. This time over Ceara in Brazil.

Residents of Argentina’s southern cities of Misiones and Corrientes reported a strange phenomenon at 00:38 UTC on October 15 (21:38 LT, October 14).

“A strong explosion shook houses in all the neighborhoods, central colonies and Concepcion de la Sierra,” the police station in Concepcion de la Sierra and Apostles said in a statement. “There was a light in the sky that turned night into a day.”

The event was captured by a drone recording the Plaza Libertad at the time. The video shows the urban center suddenly illuminated. Although it might look like the light was a result of lightning, there were no storms recorded over the region at the time and the cloud cover was scarce.

The second fireball was registered in Ceará in Brazil, near Fortaleza, and recorded by Exoss station at Agostinho Neres Portela school in Sobral.

If you saw the meteor, please contact Exoss on WhatsApp channel – METEORZAP (12) 98181-7597 and send your audio, video or photo.

Featured image credit: EXOSS

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