Mount Washington records -37.7 °C (-36 °F), tied for second-coldest location on Earth

With an ambient air temperature of -37.7 °C (-36 °F), the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire (elevation 1 916 m / 6 288 feet a.s.l.) tied for the second-coldest location on Earth on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

“We’re only 2 °F [1.1 °C] shy of the coldest,” the observatory said, adding that they are contending with a bit more wind than other locations.

The wind was gusting at more than 161 km/h (100 mph) at the summit Saturday morning, making windchill as low as -70 °C (-94 °F). 

Ambient air temperature measured on January 6 was just shy of the daily record of -38.8 °C (-38 °F), registered in 1959.

The only place on Earth colder than Mount Washington on Saturday was Eureka, Nunavut at -40 °F / °C. However, with winds of only 3.2 km/h (2 mph), windchills in Eureka were -45.5 °C (-50 °F).

Featured image credit: Mount Washington Observatory

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