Mount Bosavi eruption rumors are making people flee, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s aid agencies have expressed grave concern for people fleeing their villages due to rumors of a volcanic eruption at Mount Bosavi.

PNG’s Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and its associated ministry, Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) said scientists have been helicoptered in to view and study the volcano. “They have declared that there is no danger from an eruption and have been to speak to people in the villages,” MAF said

“We have also confirmed this information with scientists at the University of PNG,” MAF said, adding that due to rumors on social media, many people are fleeing their villages on the mountain and are going to the valleys away from the mountain.

“This is a bad choice,” MAF warns. 

“First, there is a great danger of flooding in the valleys right now. Secondly, helicopters are bringing food, water and medical aid to the villages and if you leave the villages, they won’t be able to find you.

MAF, CRMF and many other aid agencies are requesting people to stay near their village so they can be found.

The first report of extinct Mount Bosavi volcano waking up came from former PNG basketball representative player Colin Pine on February 28, 2018. “As we speak we are seeing smoke building up at the top of the mountain. We had never seen Mount Bosavi as a volcanic mountain but now it’s showing signs,” Pine told Post Courier.

Featured image credit: Google, USGS, TW

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