More than 2 months’ worth of rain in 9 hours, severe floods hit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Extremely heavy rain hit parts of Brazil on April 8, 2019, causing deadly floods across Rio de Janeiro. Parts of the region received more than 2 months’ worth of April rain in just 9 hours.

Rio de Janeiro officials said the city received 152 mm (5.98 inches) of rain in just 4 hours on Monday night, April 8. This is more than the average for the whole month of April (95 mm / 3.74 inches).

Copacabana Forth, near famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, received a 246 mm (9.68 inches) of rain in 9 hours (2.6 month’s worth of April rain). If confirmed, it will mark the highest 24-hour total ever recorded in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The botanical garden neighborhood received 231 mm (9.09 inches) in a 24-hour period – 2.4 months’ worth of April rain.

The rain quickly turned roads into rivers, sweeping up cars and uprooting trees. Schools have been closed and residents urged to avoid all non-essential traffic.

At least six people have been killed, officials said Tuesday. The deaths included two adults and a minor, both were buried in a car by a mudslide. Another mudslide hit Crivela, leaving 2 women dead, fire department officials said.

Three people were killed in the state of Piaui, northeastern Brazil on April 5 after several days of heavy rain increased levels of rivers, lakes and lagoons, flooding homes and plantations. The deaths occurred in Piaui’s capital Teresina.

The city recorded more than 200 mm (7.87 inches) of rain between April 1 and 6, 2019 and 77 mm (3.03 inches) in 24 hours on April 4 and 5.

Featured image: Severe floods hit Rio de Janeiro on April 8, 2019.

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