Long-lasting green fireball lights up night sky over Mexico City

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An impressive meteor fireball lit up the night sky over Mexico’s capital Mexico City at 05:15 CST (11:15 UTC) on December 8, 2018. The event lasted for more than 10 seconds.

According to Rodolfo Cobos Arriaga, president of Acapulco Astronomical Association, the meteor could have been traveling at about 20 000 km/h (12 500 mph).

While the exact dimensions are tough to determine, Arriaga speculates it could have had a diameter of 500 m (1 640 feet).

It is very likely that small parts of it survived the atmospheric entry.

The event was captured by Jorge Diaz Henry in New Mexico:

Featured image: Bright fireball over Mexico City on December 8, 2018. Credit: Jorge Diaz Henry

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