Intense storms hit Spain, leaving at least 2 people dead

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Intense storms hit Spain over the past few days, especially its north, northwestern and southern areas, bringing heavy rain, snow and strong winds to the area. According to media reports, as of March 20, one person has been killed in Jaen province and one in Seville (Andalusia).

Andalusia was hit heavily on March 17, 2018, with heavy rain, wind gusts of over 100 km/h (62 mph) and snow at higher elevations. One person lost its life in the province, a Guardia Civil officer who was dragged into floodwater while rescuing 3 people trapped in a vehicle. The incident occurred in Guillena, Seville, late March 17.

Rainfall amounts recorded in provinces varied from 40 mm (1.57 inches) to 70 mm ( 2.75 inches) in a 6 hour period.

At least 2 people have been injured as a result of strong winds in the region and estimated 70 people evacuated ahead of flash flooding.

Emergency services, Andalucia 112, said it recorded over 800 storm-related incidents, mostly from flooding or landslides. The provinces involved were Cadiz (225), Sevilla (119) , Cordoba (106) Jaen (112) and Granada (121), Malaga (50), Almeria (36) and Huelva (20).

Two mountaineers were rescued by helicopter after they went missing in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Four people have been rescued from their homes after flooding from a nearby river hit Jimena De La Frontera. Around 35 people were evacuated from homes in Huertas de Alcantarilla, Cordoba after a stream threatened to overflow.

In Granada, a family was evacuated after the partial collapse of a house in Colomera. Three houses in Loja were also evacuated after a drainage channel flooded.

Evacuations were also carried out in parts of Sevilla province and in areas of the city of Jaen in the province of Jaen where at least one person lost its life after he was swept off a flooded road and into a swollen stream near Martos.

Featured image credit: Guardia Civil

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