Heavy rain and floods killed 41 people, destroyed 3 000 homes in Rwanda

Heavy rains that flooded Rwanda since the beginning of March killed at least 41 people and injured more than 160, Rwanda’s Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs said April 16, 2018.

The agency added that floods unleashed by heavy rains also killed 600 animals, destroyed thousands of buildings, including 3 000 homes, and more than 1 700 hectares (4 200 acres) of plantations.

Philippe Habinshuti, director of disaster response and recovery of the ministry, said that the destruction and deaths were mainly caused by floods and lightning.

While the relief efforts are ongoing, the government appealed to residents living in high-risk zones to relocate to safer areas.

Tanzania has two rainy seasons. The heaviest rains (called Masika) usually fall from mid-March to May and a shorter period of rain (called Mvuli) from November to mid-January. The dry season, with cooler temperatures, lasts from May to October.

Heavy rains and floods that hit the country in 2017 killed 82 people, destroyed more than 5 000 homes and 5 000 hectares (12 355 acres) of plantations.

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