Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age

The concept of “The Grand Solar Minimum” is a deception because the next Grand Solar Minimum will be the full Ice Age, scientist and author Rolf Witzsche argues in this presentation. 

The underlying support for the Sun no longer exists for a reversal back to ‘normal’ to be possible from any Grand Minimum, Witzsche claims.

The rapid collapse of the interstellar plasma density for the Solar System has diminished the background for the for the powering of the Sun past the point for a possible reversal back to normal. We see the collapse of the solar system evident in the weakening Sun, the diminishing sunspot numbers, and solar-wing pressure, and in ever-greater cosmic-ray flux and larger coronal holes (measured by NASA’s spacecraft).

The end result promises to be worse than nuclear war, and more certain, if humanity fails to meet the Ice Age challenge by building itself a New World with such great economic power as will enable humanity to live securely in an otherwise largely uninhabitable world, and prosper therein.

If this challenge is taken up a higher-level paradigm will develop for humanity by which today’s terror, conflicts, wars, even nuclear war, economic looting, imperial control, and depopulation policies, will be laid aside as mistakes unworthy of humanity.

Video courtesy Rolf Witzsche

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