Earth Catastrophe Cycle: Signs on the Sun

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This is episode 15 of Ben Davidson’s Earth Catastrophe Cycle – Signs on the Sun of a micronova or super flare to come.

It is the first episode in a series to deal with surviving the catastrophe unleashed by our Sun going micronova. 

Ben also explains how we can track the pole shift without the ‘officials’ and much more in the video below. Bonus material from Dr. August Dunning is included at the end.

While some of the animations are from NASA, ESO, ESA and other public-use resources others were purchased from VideoBlocks or created by Xaviar Thunders for SpaceWeatherNews. Please be advised that copying some parts of this video may infringe on the rights of VideoBlocks and their creators… yes, the moon one and the purple split-Sun one.

You can watch the entire Earth Catastrophe Cycle series in the player below:

If you are interested in the possibility of our Sun going nova in the near future, take a look at the playlist below.

As always, we’d appreciate your thoughts in the comment section below.

Featured image: Three Rings of Gas Surround Supernova 1987A. Credit: P. Challis/Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

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