Deadly hailstorm hits Lesotho, southern Africa

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An intense hailstorm hit Lesotho’s southern district of Quthing on March 14, 2018, leaving a trail of destruction and at least 5 people dead.

The storm that hit the kingdom on Wednesday, March 14 smashed windows on many cars, homes and other structures, killed numerous animals and at least 5 people.

According to local media reports, emergency personnel treated a number of school children and adults who were caught out in the open and injured by hailstones.

Four people were killed after a truck with 10 people overturned when it was right in the middle of a river. Only six of them managed to be rescued, district disaster management officer said.

Authorities in Lesotho were still assessing damage on Friday, March 16.

Featured image: Truck caught in floodwater in Lesotho on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Credit: Keiso Mohloboli

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