Bright fireball over the State of Bahia, Brazil

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A bright fireball was observed streaking through the night sky over the State of Bahia, eastern Brazil at 01:32 UTC on February 21, 2018. The event lasted about 3 seconds before the object disintegrated in a bright flash.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 21 reports by 12:00 UTC. Three witnesses said they heard a sound associated with the event, 2 delayed and 1 concurrent.

Fireball over Bahia, Brazil on February 21, 2018 – heatmap. Credit: AMS

Local media reported the object was seen in capital Salvador as well as in Recôncavo, Jiquiriçá Valley, Sertão Baiano, Chapada Diamantina and Costa do Dendê.

Featured image: Fireball over Bahia, Brazil on February 21, 2018. Credit: Bahia News

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