“Biblical disaster:” Destructive flash floods rage through Athens outskirts, 9 killed, several missing

A severe overnight storm turned roads of towns on the outskirts of Greek capital Athens into raging rivers of mud and debris on November 15, 2017. At least 9 people have been killed and many injured. “Everything is lost, the disaster is biblical,” authorities said. Severe weather is expected to continue over most of the country and peak on Friday, November 17.

Torrential rains hit Greek capital Athens overnight Wednesday, November 15, leaving at least 9 people dead and several missing in the town of Mandra, west of Athens. Many of the dead were elderly people whose bodies were found inside their homes. At least two bodies were recovered from the sea by the Greek Coast Guard.

According to the Greek Reporter, the industrial towns of Mandra, Nea Peramos, and Megara, 27 km (17 miles) west of Athens, were the worst hit by the severe storm that started after midnight (local time). Roads quickly turned into fast-flowing rivers of mud and debris, flooding homes and stranding drivers on roads.

“Everything is lost. The disaster is biblical,” Mandra Mayor Yianna Krikouki said.

The storm hit just several hours after the Greek government declared a state of emergency on the island of Symi, devastated by sudden downpours that swept cars into sea, damaged homes and cut off electricity and water supplies.

Meteorologists say that the weather front will remain over Greece in the next few days and will peak on Friday, November 17.

“Greece seems really in for it. Up to 400+ mm (15.7 inches) of rain expected over the next 3 – 4 days,” Severe Weather Europe meteorologists said.

Featured image: Destructive flash floods in Mandra, western Attica, Greece on November 15, 2017. Credit: Nikos Dioletes / Severe Weather Greece

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