Amazing video of firenado becoming a waterspout, Arizona

A rare phenomenon of a firenado turning into a waterspout was recorded in Arizona on July 14, 2018. The cause of Mohave Fire, which started on the same day the video was recorded, is still under investigation.

This amazing video was recorded in Blythe, on the Arizona side of the Colorado River:

Compared to other wildfires currently burning in the United States, Mohave Fire is relatively small. Its size is now 374 hectares (924 acres) and is 80% contained, as of early July 16.

Fire behavior today is minimal and mostly in the interior of the fire. Hazards remain in the fire area, and the public is discouraged from entering the fire area.

A large amount of saltcedar was burned during the fire, authorities said, adding that saltcedar burns very hot and can remain hot long after the fire appears to be out.

Due to the sandy soils in the river corridor, there can be additional fuels burning underneath the surface of the soil. These fuels covered by sand can create very hot cavities that can collapse. Falling into one of these hidden cavities can lead to serious burn injuries. To avoid injury, remember to stay clear of the area where the fire burned.

Firefighter patrols and agency monitoring will continue through the week.

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Featured image: Firenado turns into waterspout, Arizona July 14, 2018. Credit: Dave Scott KUSI

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