zombie snake fakes its own death flipping on its back and hanging its tongue out in video

The North Carolina State Parks and Recreation have posted some pictures on their Facebook page showing a common snake with quite the uncommon behavior.

When threatened, the hog-nose snake pretends to be dead, flipping on its back and hanging its tongue out. It properly puts on a show. It even emits a foul musk just to drive the point home. I am dead. Please move along.

The hog-nose snake fakes its own death aka zombie snake. Picture via facebook.com/NorthCarolinaStateParks

The species is known as Heterodon platirhinos is a harmless creature found throughout North America.

But it has a weird behavior when threatened… The hog-nose snake fakes to be dead, becoming a zombie snake!

But, the snake doesn’t only pretends to be dead… Nope, it can flatten its neck and raise its head off the ground (a bit like a cobra) too. They also hiss, mimicking more dangerous snakes, as well as strike. However, the strike is not for biting – you can think of this “attack” as a high-speed head-butt.

The species is technically classified as non-venomous, but only because they are harmless to humans. A few rare cases have shown some swelling after a bite but nothing serious. Instead, the toxins secreted by their back teeth have evolved to primarily affect amphibians, specifically their favorite food of toads.

North Carolina State Parks and Recreation’s Year of the Snake help teach people about snakes and clear up misconceptions. For example, 31 out of 37 species of snakes in the state are non-venomous. And even the six venomous species pose little threat to humans.

No matter what, next year’s Oscar for best performance goes to… the hog-nose snake ?


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