Viral video: Bizarre moment mischievous BEAR breaks into car TWICE during snow storm | Weird | News

The Colorado car owners must have feared a break-in when they found three of their car doors wide open after a snow-storm, but CCTV footage revealed the culprit to be a curious, or possibly quite chilly, bear.

CCTV footage reveals the moment the bear saunters up to the snow-covered car and opens the door.

After taking a cursory glance inside, the bear climbs right in, escaping the thick flurry of snow blanketing the outside.

The resourceful bear soon hops out and saunters off into the night, but not before opening two more of the car doors in his curious search, leaving them wide open.

The video was posted online by car owner’s boss John Villegas, of Red Van Workshop.

It was captioned: “Delicate in the way he opens all the doors, brutal indifference in remembering to shut them.”

Mr Villegas said the car doors remained open for at least three hours but there wasn’t any real damage to the vehicle.  

Black bears are Colorado’s largest surviving carnivore, with anywhere between 8,000 and 12,00 living in the state.

They have an average height of about 3 feet when on all four paws with males weighing around 275lbs.

They are a naturally shy animal and are wary of humans, but can still pose a serious risk to people when threatened.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife advice to members of the public who come across a black bear is to make lots of noise.

They said: “If a bear comes near your home, do your best to chase it away. Yell, blow a whistle, clap your hands and make other loud noises. But never approach or corner a bear.”

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