Video: Pakistani news anchor struck by a fireball while live on air!

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Ball of fire falls on Pakistani news anchor during live debate. Picture: Twitter video

The video of a Pakistani news anchor being struck by a fireball while live on air has gone viral across social media. The unprecedented event sent the anchor flying off his chair.

Astonishing footage posted on Twitter shows the news presenter on the Urdu-speaking channel mediating a debate.

“Do you think it’s easy for extremists to cross the border in a group?” he asks the panellists, before a loud popping sound is heard in the background.

The following seconds sees the debate heating up to sweltering levels as a ball of fire plummets into the studio from the top-left corner, landing on the presenter.

While the latter flies off his chair and vanishes from the scene, the panellist carries on answering the question, unaware of the inferno sweeping through the studio.

The video took Twitter by storm, with mind-boggled people flocking to the platform to express astonishment at the stunning incident.

A lot of users found funny puns to make light of the situation as they tweeted:

Coincidentally, that happened at the exact same time Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was in the Chinese city to seek financial aid for his cash-strapped country.

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[Indian Express]

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