Video of the first giant squid filmed in US waters in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists have limited knowledge of giant squids, the mysterious monsters of the sea.

Imagine the excitement when they filmed the first giant squid in US waters.

Giant squid, Phantom of the Deep, filmed for the first time in US waters off New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. Picture via video

A giant squid, at least 3 to 3.7 meters (10 to 12 feet) in length, approaches the Medusa’s e-jelly lure before realizing the e-jelly is not food and retreating.

This is only the third time a live giant squid has ever been caught on film, and the first time in US waters (about 100 miles southwest of New Orleans).

Do you think that mysterious monster of the sea knows where Atlantis is? I bet it does.

Video courtesy of Edie Widder and Nathan Robinson / NOAA

[Youtube, NY Times]

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