Unexplained light flashes and sonic booms baffle residents of Slavic Village, Cleveland – No comments from officials

People living in the Slavic Village Community can’t seem to figure out what caused the bursts of light and loud booms that have been seen and heard over the last month. Police too. City officials and not commenting at this time regarding this matter. Weird, no?

Cleveland’s Slavic Village residents bewildered over mysterious, loud booms; city has no comment

I hear bang noises like boom, boom. Some parts of the sky will be lit up like florescent. Chemicals in the air maybe? Are they hiding something?” asked Victor Diaz, who lives in the area.

Initially neighbors thought the explosive sounds may have been coming from the Harvard Bridge construction right around the corner.

I thought it was that, but there’s nobody working around here and on the highway. I keep hearing these explosions. They’ll wake you up,” recalled Diaz.

Either way the speculation is building by the day.

19 News looked into the unexplained explosion and found out that several states all over the country have appeared to experience the same exact events.

You start to imagine what it is and people start speculating. We never know,” said Melba Cullen who also lives in the Slavic Village Community.

We know that city officials are aware of the complaints made by many of the people who have heard those noises, however the city is not commenting at this time regarding this matter. But why? What are they hiding?

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