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Chilean officials are investigating several bizarre burning objects that crashed into the country last week. At the time, many scientists claimed the objects had been meteors. However, officials have now confirmed the fireballs that hit Earth were “not natural” and have ruled out meteors.

Last week, residents of Dalcahue, a port city on the southern island of Chile, took to social media with reports of the unidentified flying objects.

Some posted photos of the phenomenon, as the “fireballs” reportedly crashed at a number of locations around the town.

They were described by witnesses as “bright red objects streaking across the sky”.

Geologists from Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service soon arrived to examine the seven sites that had been scorched by the mysterious UFOs.

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Bizarrely, locals told the geological teams said they not heard any noises associated with the impacts, nor did anyone witness the crash-landings themselves.

The scientists just released a report confirming that the sites did not hold any evidence of a fallen meteorite.

In the report, the scientists concluded they “found no remains, vestiges or evidence of a meteorite” left behind by the “luminous and incandescent” objects.

Local resident Bernardita Ojeda had one fireball land on her property, where the flames ignited a few bushes.

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