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A frightening video has emerged of a possible UFO sighting, revealing mysterious spinning lights and an eerie blue glow shining across the London night sky. The strange footage, taken in Leyton, east London, shows white dots of light spinning in a large circle behind a cloud and moving across the sky. A blue glow can also be seen beaming through the cloud, before the dots of light disperse. Dominic who filmed the footage panicked and can be heard saying: “That’s so weird.” Many Londoners took to Twitter on Saturday to speculate over the unearthly lights.

One user posted: “Strange lights over East London. I wonder what it could be?”

Another said: “Please tell me how there’s a ufo flying over my head #ufo #london”.

A third added: “Cool UFO over Walthamstow, Awesomestow, London”.

A fourth said: “Excuse me but what the f*** was this going across the sky growing etc…arm?!?! #London #UFO”.

Other Londoners came up with a possible explanation for the mysterious lights. One keen observer posted: “Thought I’d finally seen a proper #UFO I parked the car to film it and everything!

“However on closer inspection, it looks like someone in #Tottenham #London has a really big projector of sorts, could still see it for 2 miles.

“Is this coming from the new stadium @SpursOfficial?”

Another user commented in reply, seeming to debunk the UFO theory: “I saw it too! It was from a laser light show in Walthamstow.”

An eerie beam of light similarly sent witnesses into a frenzy after appearing to hover across the Canadian sky.

Viewers pointed out that the beams are eerily similar to those seen in Michigan and also close to the International Space Station in 2017.

In 2017, similar lights were spotted on the International Space Station’s (ISS) live feed.

Zooming in on one image from the space station, a giant red beam of light can be seen moving away from the Earth’s atmosphere.

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