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Saturn has a staggering number of 53 moons confirmed by astronomers and another nine waiting to be confirmed. Out of these 53 natural satellites, the ringed planet’s innermost moons are some of the most peculiar objects in the solar system. Snapped by ’s historic Cassini space probe in 2017, the moons were revealed to be shaped like ravioli dumplings. The peculiar round shape with a thin ridge jutting out from the moons’ equators is oddly reminiscent of the classic flying saucer alien spacecraft.

The revelation has prompted popular -hunter Scott C Waring, who runs the website UFO Sightings Daily, to speculate one of the moons could be an alien space station.

Mr Waring explained: “Here is an interesting find. There is a moon of Saturn that looks just like the classic flying disk.

“Planet Saturn has 53 moons at the moment. I say at the moment because advances in tech make new information available daily. More may be found in coming years.

“The disk moon doesn’t appear to be a moon at all but probably a space station that orbits Saturn.


“Notice the Saturn ring that is attached to it? This ring is 100 percent proof that  on Saturn created this artificial moon to be a space station in orbit around the planet.

“Why hide it and make it appear as a natural moon? To help protect.”

The supposed “artificial moon” in NASA’s photograph, is the moon Pan.

NASA snapped the two pictures of the unusual object March 7, 2017, when the Cassini spacecraft within 15,300 miles (24,600 km) of the Moon.


This was the closest flyby of Pan Cassini achieved during its lengthy mission and it gave NASA the opportunity to reveal an incredible level of detail on the Moon’s surface.

The US space agency said: “The views show the northern and southern hemispheres of Pan, at left and right, respectively.

“Both views look toward Pan’s trailing side, which is the side opposite the moon’s direction of motion as it orbits Saturn.

“Cassini imaging scientists think that Pan formed within Saturn’s rings, with ring material accreting onto it and forming the rounded shape of its central mass, when the outer part of the ring system was quite young and the ring system was vertically thicker.


“Thus, Pan probably has a core of icy material that is denser than the softer mantle around it.”

Mr Waring, however, has a much more bizarre theory about the object’s nature and origin.

The conspiracy theorist claimed the “space station” was built by an ancient alien species to help protect it from the dangers lurking in space.

He said: “Look at it this way. If you were an alien species who’s planet existed in the universe for the last 10 to 12 billion years – Earth only 4.5 billion – then your species may have existed on that planet for over a billion years.

“Meaning your life span may also be infinite due to your technology.

“Thus, only unpredictable events like accidents could end your life.

“You may avoid all instances where there is even a one percent chance of death, or even as low as 0.01 percent depending on the aliens’ preferences.”

“Life for them is more valuable since it is much longer than our own. So they hide the best they can.”

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