Thunder Moon partial eclipse visibility map and video

There’s going to be an eclipse tomorrow… A partial eclipse of the Moon.

On July 16th, the full Thunder Moon will pass through the shadow of our planet, off center.

This movie created by space artist Larry Koehn shows how 65% of the lunar disk will fall into darkness:

The 3-hour eclipse reaches maximum coverage at 21:32 UT, timing which favors observers in Africa, the Middle East and eastern Europe.

North Americans will see none of the eclipse – only a normally bright full Moon.

Thunder moon partial eclipse on July 16, 2019. Picture via Shadow and Substances

According to folklore, this full Moon is the “Thunder Moon,” named after the booming electrical storms of July.

Tomorrow observers will find out if 65% of a Thunder Moon is still a boomer.

This is the last significant lunar eclipse until May 2021, so catch it if you can!

[Shadow and Substances, SpaceWeather]

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