There is a new volcanic island emerging off Mayotte… And this new hotspot could be the reason behind the earthquake swarm rattling the island since Mai 2018

Since May 2018, the island of Mayotte has been rattled by hundreds of earthquakes. The latest hit on November 7, 2018. Meanwhile, scientists think they have found what’s behind the seismic series in the Indian Ocean. According to them, A NEW VOLCANIC ISLAND IS EMERGING FROM BELOW.

Is a new hotspot forming off Mayotte. A new forming island is probably behing the seismic unrest near Mayotte in the Indian Ocean.

After continously analysing data from the 4 permanent GPS stations on the island of Mayotte, scientists from the National Institute of Geographical and Forest Information (IGN) have recently suggested that the seismic unrest rattling the area is due to a new volcanic island emerging from underwater.

Since July 2018, scientists have noted that all the 4 GPS stations on Mayotte had slightly moved about 50 mm to the East and 25 mm South.

According to them, this movement shows that a new hotspot is forming off Mayotte in the Indian Ocean. If confirmed, this would probably lead to the apparition of a new volcanic island about 50km from the coast in the years to come.

If this is the case, the earthquake swarm would be of volcanic origin… However, last June, seismologists were rejecting such an hypothesis saying there was no link between the earthquake swarm and a volcano. But of course, additional studies are needed to verify the actual hypothesis.

Hey guys, a new island is forming off Mayotte. That is awesome!

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France Info – Séismes : un nouveau point chaud au large de Mayotte ?
20 Minutes – Mayotte: Une nouvelle île volcanique pourrait bientôt émerger au large des côtes

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