Texas, New Mexico strong dust storm makes DIRTY SNOW in Minnesota

Did you notice the snow from this storm is a little off-color? If you made it out of your house today you might have noticed some of the snow has a brownish tint. We’re calling it “snirt” or snow dirt. It all started with a dust storm in New Mexico and Texas.

TX, NM dust storm makes dirty snow for MN. Did you notice the snow from this storm is a little off-color?

Don’t be surprised if you wake up to a fine coating of West Texas & New Mexico dirt on your car in the morning. A big dust storm / plume spread across the region on April 11, 2019:

The high winds and dust caused lots of visibility issues for motorists traveling around the region on Wednesday afternoon.

Yes, what an amazing haboob:

But that power dust storm wasn’t only local. The following satellite loop from the University of Wisconsin shows how the new Winter Storm Westley took the airborne dust particles from Texas and New Mexico all the way to Minnesota:

Results: a brownish, orangish snow all the way up to Minnesota:

Pretty amazing, no? A TX, NM dust storm makes dirty snow for MN during winter storm Wesley in April 2019. WOW!

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