Terrifying videos show gigantic waves engulfing buildings and streets in Tenerife

After the largest waves around the world hit Newfoundland, Canada, some monster waves prompted evacuations on the island of Tenerife. It ‘s just insane how furious Mother Nature can be! Look at these giant waves engulfing buildings (… destroying their balconies) as well as flooding streets on the island of Tenerife, Spain.

Giant waves engulfs coastal Tenerife in terrifying videos. via Youtube video

In Tacoronte:

Look in this second video also recorded in Taraconte, a gigantic wave destroys a bacony on the thrid floor! Insane:

and in Garachico:

As a result of this unprecedented surf, 65 residents were evacuated in Tacoronte, 39 in Garachico and several tourists from a restaurant in Adeje. According to local medias, there were no injuries although some damage has been reported in both municipalities.

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