Terrifying! Thousands of cuttlefish strand on beach in Atacama, Chile

This is terrifying! Thousands of cuttlefish strand at Bahia Inglesa, Acatama, Chile, a region that was hit by extreme floods recently.

Thousands of cuttlefish strand on in Atacama, Chile. via Twitter

The mass beaching was discovered by baffled beachgoers on Sunday, February 10, 2019.

The cause of the mollusk mass die-off remains a mystery.

The Navy, Sernapesca and the Seremi de Salud de Atacama are investigating.

Meanwhile, authorities warned and advised not to remove or touch the dead animals … Let say they don’t listen carefully to the gov. warnings 🙂

That’s another very remarkable sign of the coming End of Times! Well, it seems that apocalypse isn’t a problem for those resilient squid as the number of cephalopods – tentacled squid, octopus and cuttlefish – has dramatically increased during the past 60 years.

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