Strange sky phenomenon over Brazil in video

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This video captured in the sky above Brazil is really weird!

It shows an eerie aerial anomaly that some have likened to an angel or a thunder bird hovering in the sky. But what is behind this strange sky phenomenon?

The strange alien shape looks like light refraction but then again it looks like some type of energy source. It’s even got the harmonious appearance of an angel, of Icarus.

Do you think this ghostly form seen moving through the sky amid some dark clouds is real?

It also seems to change shapes multiple times, resembling first an angel with outstretched arms and then a bird flying through the sky. Totally baffling, no?

Another strange sky phenomenon appears over Brazil on mysterious video in August 2019. Picture via Youtube video

So what could it be?

An angel or an alien craft?

Some kind of plasma akin to ball lightning that was generated from the storm around it?

A trick of light and shadow? or another hoax?

What’s your hypothesis on that odd video?

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