Shallow M5.7 earthquake hits western Turkey, damaging buildings – 3 people injured

A moderate 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook Turkey’s western province of Denizli on March 20, 2019, damaging some buildings and knocking bricks and tiles to the ground in the rural area, according to witnesses, officials and the Turkish quake monitor. It was followed by some 30 aftershocks, the strongest measuring 4.2.

Map of the M5.7 earthquake in Turkey on March 20 2019. via USGS

Gov. Hasan Karahan said three people were hurt by falling bricks or after jumping from balconies. There were howerver no immediate reports of death.

Turkey’s Kandilli Observatory said the earthquake, which stuck at 9:34 a.m.(0634 GMT), was 5 km (3 miles) deep and followed by four aftershocks between 4.2 and 3.4 magnitude and plenty of smaller tremors.

The United States Geological Survey said it was 5.7 magnitude while the European monitoring service measured it at 6.4 magnitude.

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House destroyed after M5.7 earthquake in Turkey on March 20, 2019.

This is the biggest quake that I felt, I was outside but it was shaking very much,” Sahin Agah, 30, resident of the town of Acipayam near the epicenter, told Reuters by phone.

This building was lucky to stay up during the quake.

I saw some roof tiles, bricks and solar water heaters fell from the roofs. There are some cracks in buildings. I did not see any building collapsed. Everyone is outside,” Agah said.

Administrators from the districts of Ucari and Yenikoy, the epicenter of the quake, said on NTV some 20 buildings and houses were damaged. Officials were still assessing the damage.

Yenikoy resident Muharrem Gezi said there was minor damage in his village. “I saw some chimneys broken and roof tiles falling on the streets. Some garden walls collapsed as well. Everyone is scared and outside. No one is injured,” he told Reuters.

In 1999, Izmit in Turkey was struck by a devastating M7.4 earthquake, which killed more than 17,000 people and caused widespread damage.

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