Severe hailstorm hammers Watertown and Delano near the Twin Cities in Minnesota

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Hail the size of baseballs, tennis balls, and grapefruit slammed Watertown and Delano near the Twin Cities, Minnesota on August 5, 2019.

Severe hailstorm with stones as big as baseballs hammered Delano and Water town near the Twin Cities in Minnesota on August 5, 2019. Picture via Twitter

A supercell thunderstorm that developed near Hutchinson quickly intensified early Monday afternoon and produced very large hail from Watertown to Delano and up through the northwest metro area. 

In Watertown and Delano, hail the size of tennis balls, baseballs and even one report of a grapefruit-sized hailstone have been reported. 

Pretty amazing size, no?

The hail was big enough – and fell hard enough – to break windows in Watertown. 

Here a video compilation with pictures:

More storms possible within new severe t-storm watch

This first wave of storm was followed by another severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10 p.m., with damaging wind gusts to 70 mph and large hail to very large hail.

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Huge hail hammers near Twinn Cities, Minnesota on August 5, 2019.

That hailstorm near the Twin Cities in Minnesota was probably insane to experience! Always be prepared.


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