Scientists predict the Cascadia ‘Big One’ will occur during a ‘slow slip event’ on the West Coast – That is what is happening right now!

A small burst of tremors have been recorded along the West Coast in the last few weeks, causing scientists and geologists to pay close attention. This is what we can slow slip type of movement. The Juan De Fuca Plate is moving underneath us and then all the sudden, about every 14 months, it stops and it goes in a westerly direction. And as it does that, it creates a lot of tremors.

The current slow slip event produces lots of earthquakes along the US West Coast and could lead to the terrifying Cascadia Big One. Map via KOIN

So we are in this slow slip type of movement right now and that’s why we’re getting a lot of tremors up in Washington, Northern California and then some here in Oregon.

And this happens about every 14 months. Eventually, the Juan De Fuca Plate will continue going in an easterly direction and “keep building up the stress in the rocks.

Scientists predict the “big one” will likely occur during one of these slow slip events.

Each slow slip event puts additional stress onto the “lock zone,” eventually causing it to “break” and create a 9.0 or larger magnitude earthquake.

The “big one” will shake for around four minutes and cause extensive damage. Here a extensive and great article about this terrifying Cascadia earthquake.

Slow slip events are a good reminder to be prepared and have a plan with family and an emergency kit at your home. Hope you have one! Always be ready!

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