School buses too hot right now: 138F

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School buses are so hot right now…

That officials gather to discuss stiffing heat on school buses… And why does school start so early in summer?

Mom concerned after temperature on school bus reaches 138 degrees. Picture By Die4Kids via Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

A mom concerned after temperature on school bus had reached 138 degrees, called Houston County Superintendent David Sewell. He then met with staff Wednesday to discuss stiffing heat on school buses.

As reported by WTVY:

He is encouraging drivers, when possible, to leave windows open all day so it will be a little cooler when students board in the afternoon.

We also want to put water on board (for the students) until this heatwave passes,” Sewell said.

Jessica Granger, mother to a first grader, believes if more measures than those aren’t implemented a child could die. She advocates air conditioning on all buses.

In Alabama, only those that transport special needs students are required to have air conditioning. That’s something Ms. Granger would like changed.

Her motivation became stronger after Remington, her six year old son, came home from school Tuesday. So overcome by heat, she claims, he suffered from nausea and a headache.

A digital thermometer on one Houston County bus this week showed the temperature at 138 degrees. The vehicle had been sitting idle while waiting to pick up students.

I would like for somebody to step up,” Ms. Granger said. She wants the Alabama Legislature to pass a law making it mandatory for all buses to have a cooling unit. However, there are no current plans for lawmakers to address that issue.

Jay Bruner, transportation director for Dothan City Schools, would also like to air-conditioning on all of his 94 bus fleet. However, at a cost of up to $10,000 per bus, sufficient money is not available.

Bruner believes most parents accept summer heat as a way of life. “It’s August in the south and it’s going to be hot,” he said.

Why not wait to start school until after labor day? Seems like it would help with both bus heat issues, issues with kids walking home in the heat, and save on school cooling costs.

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