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A recent jump in the number of sightings of alleged TR-3B aircrafts has sparked a panic among online conspiracy communities. Experts fear that there “is something going on” amid concern over top-secret US military experiments or the involvement of extraterrestrials. Michael, of the YouTube channel MrMBB333, posted the latest sighting of the alleged TR-3B in Toledo, Ohio.

He said: “According to the guy who filmed this, it had circled over his neighbourhood at least three times.

“It looks like a perfect triangle. You cannot see anything except the lights.

“I’ve tried to put on different light filters to get a clearer picture but all you see are the bright lights.

“We are seeing a lot of these lately – especially in Ohio.

“Something is going on.”

The footage shows that the object has a large light in the centre of the triangle, a smaller light in the front and three more across the back.

Viewers remarked the “triangle-shaped crafts are everywhere these days”.

One user said: “I have a feeling were going to start seeing a lot more of this type of situation soon.”

The sighting took place just a few miles from the Wright-Patterson air Force Base – raising concern of US military involvement.

TR-3Bs are a common feature among UFO sightings as large, silent, black triangular objects often spotted at night.

According to government officials, the TR-3B “does not exist”.

The theory around these crafts claim they are created at top-secret military bases like Area 51 in Nevada, by reverse engineering alien technology.

Others claim they are actual UFOs flown by aliens visiting Earth.

There have been other sightings of triangular UFOs recently in Russia and North Carolina.

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