Rare M2.6 earthquake rattles North Carolina – Loud booms reported in Guilford and Randolph Counties!

Did you hear a boom or did you feel your house shake in the middle of the night? It was a rare M2.6 earthquake near Archdale, NC. The shaking happened at about 12:32 am. Many reported feeling and hearing the quake from their homes in Guilford and Randolph Counties. Viewers have described a long, booming sound and that it was strong enough to shake the whole house in some cases.

M2.6 earthquake rattles Archdale, North Carolina on March 26, 2019.

The USGS initially reported the earthquake as a 2.2 magnitude. The intensity was revised Tuesday morning upward to 2.6.

The epicenter looks to be near the Guilford/Randolph County border. Some people felt the earthquake as far away as Raleigh and Charlotte according to a USGS map.

Guilford Metro 911 posted on their Facebook page: “Today, at approximately 12:30 am, we experienced a rapid influx of calls from people reporting a loud “explosion” they heard in their area. It has been determined that this was a result of a 2.6 magnitude earthquake according to the USGS.” 

Are earthquakes RARE in North Carolina?

Yes, but they can happen occasionally. On average, North Carolina typically sees a handful of earthquakes per year. Typically, they’re small. In recent years, similar earthquakes to this one have been reported more commonly in the NC mountains. 

Historic Earthquake Risk

How much damage reported with a 2 or higher earthquake

Typically, earthquakes around this magnitude aren’t strong enough to produce damage. However, if you felt some significant shaking, it’s best to check to make sure.

Richter Scale

Typically, earthquakes weaker than 2.5 do not cause any damage. But they can cause widespread mystery booms and rumblings!

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