Rare haboob engulfs Lubbock, Texas in pictures and videos

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at approximately 6 p.m., Lubbock, Texas, was hit by a wall of dust, also known as a haboob, that had been generated by severe thunderstorms to the west.

The winds from these storms displaced the dry dust on the ground’s surface and pushed it toward the city, making up apocalyptic sceneries captured by social media users.

Giant haboob engulfs Lubbock, Texas on June 5, 2019. Photo via Twitter

During the 6:00 pm hour on Wednesday, a wall of dirt hit Lubbock with impressive (or impressively bad) results.

The National Weather Service reported a wind gust at 61 miles per hour south of Wolfforth as the wind storm hit Lubbock.

The NWS issued a dust storm warning at 6:21 pm, which stretched from south of Tahoka to north of Plainview. 

The NWS said there were reports of zero visibility including Interstate 27 north of Lubbock.

Several viewers shared videos or images of the storm blasting through Lubbock. OMG!

zero visibility:

Just apocalyptic:

These types of storms are known to occur in arid and semiarid regions, and the most common parts of the U.S. which experience them are the Arizona deserts, New Mexico, eastern California, and parts of the Lone Star State. In preparation for such an occurrence (which is difficult without advanced notification), eye and respiratory system protection are recommended. Moving quickly to shelter is also advisable.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a haboob like this before! Amazing!

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