Nationwide outage impacts US Customs and Border Protection – hacker attack?

Be patient!

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority says that US Customs and Border Protection is currently experiencing a nationwide computer outage that they are currently working to diagnose.

Thousands of ravelers stranded as nationwide outage impacts US Customs and Border Protection. Picture: Rebekah Tromble via wjla

Last week, a major power outage blacked out London and southern UK. Now, it’s the US Customs and Border Protection that is currently experiencing a nationwide computer outage, stranding thousands of travelers across the US.

And the latest outage could take hours to solve!

Now, look at these insane lines at Dulles International Airport:

It’s unclear how long this outage could last.

Some travelers have tweeted that it could take at least eights hours.

Others, more optimistic, are tweeting that an announcement came over the speaker at Dulles International Airport stating “computers are slowly coming online.”

I am just asking: Was this another hacker attack?

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