Mystery INSECTS fall from the sky during blizzard in Russia in video

Residents of Balasheika in Russia witnessed a really weird phenomenon as the white snow was literally covered by small black creatures… ‘snow fleas’ that fell from the sky!

Insects fall from the sky during severe blizzard in Russia

Residents reported ‘snow with insects’ falling down and covering streets and base of the military town.

Experts believe that a flock of insects was brought to the region during the passage of a cyclonic storm on March 12, 2019 and may have been transported from the south, possibly from Kazakhstan.

This weird phenomenon has already been reported before. In February 2016, the snow was also covered by thousands of these insects in the Aleksinsky, Shchekinsky and Suvorovsky districts of the Tula region.

But in this case, the invasion didn’t come from the sky but rather from underground with many springtails being interested by snow and cold.

A really weird sky and underground phenomenon.

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