Mysterious disappearance of WikiLeaks co-founder in Norway

He’s just pining for the fjords…

That’s just another mysterious disappearance… Almost everybody would say!

Mysterious disappearance of WikiLeaks co-founder in Norway. Picture: AFP Photo/HO

There are mysterious disappearances happening every day… But when they are linked to Wikileaks… it becomes weird.

As reported by Yahoo:

A Dutch WikiLeaks associate who went missing under mysterious circumstances a year ago probably had a kayaking accident, Norwegian police said Friday, adding that his body had not yet been found.

Arjen Kamphuis, a cybersecurity expert then aged 47, had not been seen since he left his hotel in the northern Norwegian town of Bodo on August 20, 2018.

His disappearance had triggered a wave of conspiracy theories on social media, ranging from CIA and Russian involvement to a mission to carry out a secret project for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Yes he was probably just murdered, no?

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