More than 300 rare Himalayan yaks starve to DEATH after heavy snowfall in India

At least 300 rare Himalayan yaks have died of starvation in the high mountains in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim, close to the border with China, authorities said Saturday.

Some of the 300 rare yaks that have died by starvation in Sikkim, India in May 2019.

A team of local administrators and veterinarians visiting the heights of Muguthang and Yumthang in northern Sikkim discovered the animals’ corpses on Friday, said government official Raj Yadav.

The semi-domesticated animals became trapped in December after their passage to the nearest village got blocked due to heavy snowfall.

Around 300 Yaks Have Starved To Death In Mukuthang Valley, North Sikkim

Authorities tried several times to drop feed for the Yaks by helicopter but failed due to inclement weather. “The passage was cleared five days ago, after which our team trekked to the area to discover the tragedy,” he said. 

The areas of Muguthang and Yumthang are favorite grazing grounds for yaks in the region. 

Yadav said the government would compensate the yak owners with 30,000 Indian rupees ($430) per yak up to a maximum of three yaks per family.

There has been human interference like construction of roads in the area,” said Usha Lachungpa, a conservationist in Sikkim. “Snow sliding down and blocking roads could be a result of such activities.” 

It could take a long time for the area’s yak population to grow and reach the level before the recent catastrophe, she said. 

Villagers living in the Himalayan foothills of northeastern India heavily depend on livestock, mainly yaks, goats and sheep, for their livelihoods and to feed their families. 

Another tragedy linked to weather chaos!

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