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MH370 disappeared on March 8 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. According to the Straits Times, residents described seeing a “low-flying jumbo jet” flying over houses early in the morning of March 8 to the Maldivian daily Haveeru. The locals reportedly described the aircraft as being white, with red stripes across it.

The colour scheme is very similar to that uses on the Boeing 777 used for MH370.

Eyewitnesses agreed the plane seemed to be travelling in a southeast direction towards Addu, the southern tip of the Maldives.

All commented on how loud it had been.

One eyewitness said: “Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too.”

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Island Councillor Mohamed Zaheem said other residents had spoken up about the incident.

One noted that the doors on the aircraft could be seen clearly, which was agree by other eyewitnesses.

They said: “I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before.

“We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’m sure that was not one of those.

“I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly.”

Interested party Elvin Anderson said: “If you want to know the truth about what happened to the plane then you should start by looking at the dozens of reports that were made by the residents of Kuda Huvadhoo at around 6:15am, several hours before MH370 was reported to be missing.

“Decide for yourself. Look at a map. Calculate how much fuel it had, spot of last contact, airports it could land, and how long it would take to reach that location.

“You would see there was just enough to reach Diego Garcia, US Naval Island just south of the Maldives.

“If the plane went anywhere else, their military radar would have picked it up.”

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