M6.4 earthquake hits Southern California

A M6.4 earthquake rattled parts of Southern California and Nevada on July 4, 2019. This is the strongest earthquake to hit Southern California in nearly 20 years.

The shallow quake – reported by more than 40,000 people on the USGS website – occurred about 7 miles outside Searless Valley at a depth of 6.7 miles (10.7km) and was felt from Las Vegas to Orange County.

A strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hit Southern California on July 4, 2019. Earthquake map via USGS

Just hours after the M6.2 earthquake located at the northern most tip of the Cascadia Subduction zone, now a M6.4 earthquake just hit Southern California!

And that is scary!

A great live Facebook video:

The quake was reported by more than 40,000 people on the USGS homepage, thus showing the power of this quake and also the population density in this area of Southern California.

At least 85 aftershocks of 2.5 or greater were recorded after the earthquake. The largest of them reached magnitude 4.6.

According to Lucy Jones of the USGS, there is a 50% chance of another large quake in the next week.

However, there were no immediate reports of injuries or large damage from the quakes.

However, officials report “minor cracks (in buildings); broken water mains; power lines down; rock slides on certain roads” in northwestern communities in the San Bernardino County.

Boulders fell down hillsides, shattering the asphalt and blocking mountain roads.

Highway 178 has a 4-inch crack, said San Bernardino County Fire spokesman Jeremy Kern. All highways in San Bernardino County remain open. The area’s high tension power lines are all intact.

A crack in the road is seen near Ridgecrest, California after Thursday's quake.
A crack in the road is seen near Ridgecrest, California after Thursday’s quake.

There are also reports that Ridgecrest Regional Hospital was being evacuated:

The Los Angeles Fire Department asked resident not to call 911 over the earthquake but only to report injuries or damage. Fire officials said they were in earthquake mode as a result of the tremblors.

All 106 fire stations are out conducting a strategic survey of their districts to determine if any damage exists,” the fire department said in an alert. “Once this process is complete, an overall assessment of the impact in the City of Los Angeles will be compiled by Headquarters.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it had not received any reports of large damage or calls for help.

Los Angeles International Airport said operations are normal as crews inspected runways and terminals.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department said it was conducting an assessment as well.

The Cascadia subduction zone and the fault lines related to it are currently on fire. When is it going to unlash the Big One is just a question of time!

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